The idea for 3 Daughters Brewing originated while Mike and Ty (owner and head brewer) were working together at a local restaurant. Finding they had a passion for creating innovative craft beer and beverages, they decided to take brewing to the next level . 3 Daughters Brewing has are constantly changing as quickly as we can dream them up. we are one of the fastest growing regional breweries and the largest independent brewery in Florida. Armel with experience, energy and enthusiasm, we believe in the importance of innovation, listening to our customer and supporting our company. our portfolio is constantly expanding to meet consumer demands for quality craft beverages. we currently offer craft Beer, Hard Cider, Wine, Sangsia and Florida Hard Seltzer. we enjoy what we do and we hope you do too.

Contact: 432-332-1112

Address: 222 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.